Carnelian Necklace | 925 Silver Carnelian Birthstone Pendant

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Celebrate yourself with genuine, high quality, orange carnelian agate beauty.

Want an all natural, handmade gemstone pendant handcrafted by a real artisan?

Then get yourself this teardrop carnelian gemstone necklace.

Most other online gemstone pendants are low-quality, mass-manufactured pieces of glass that don't actually contain any genuine gemstone or metal material.

Unlike the rest of the crowd, this Element of Zen carnelian protection pendant is made of genuine red carnelian agate gemstone with 925 sterling silver.

Some believe that carnelian is a stabilizing stone, useful for promoting motivation. It is also thought to help people overcome difficulties in life as well as to help people heal.

Open up your new beautiful carnelian gemstone pendant and wear something different for a change.

Wear something of high quality and of high value.

Wear something with real gemstone in it.

Wear something made of premium sterling silver and not plastic or glass.

Wear something made by a professional gem-cutting artisan in the United States, not something in a factory 6,000 miles away.

If your Element of Zen carnelian gemstone necklace isn't up to your standards, we'll refund your purchase no issue.

We look forward to working with you.

P.S. This is a 16x12mm teardrop design of relatively smaller size. It's personally made by hand in our California design studio by trained American artisans with careful, delicate touches made to this more dainty type of stone.

  • SIMPLE – Your necklace will measure 16x12mm with a pear shape in a 925 silver 4-prong setting.
  • ELEGANT- Wear this statement piece proud knowing that you'll be wearing genuine gemstone beauty.
  • BOLD – Some believe that carnelian can help with courage and motivation
  • OCCASION – Make somebody's day when you gift them this powerful carnelian crystal necklace
  • HANDMADE – This is a handmade work of art, made in an American lapidary studio
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Chain type

No chain, 14 inch chain, 16 inch chain, 18 inch chain, 20 inch chain, 24 inch chain

1 review for Carnelian Necklace | 925 Silver Carnelian Birthstone Pendant

  1. Heather

    Gorgeous piece! I love it!

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