About Us

Element of Zen is a family-owned lifestyle brand that strives to bring serenity, peace, and zen to this fast-paced, burdensome, anxiety-ridden world of ours.

We aim to do this through disseminating handmade, ethically sourced aids to the spirit. Some of these aids include jewelry, crystals, candles, etc.

Our three core values include:

A mission to provide intimate, handmade works of art in our jewelry and NOT mass-produced factory made pieces with no love.

A drive to liven up people's lives with an increased sense of aesthetic. Beauty matters. We believe that you become the space you immerse yourself in, so why not immerse yourself in the beautiful?

The simple initiative to bring some calm into the world.

We were founded by a family in southern California just after their two sons graduated college and they banded together to create the brand you know as Element of Zen.

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