Selenite Crystal Heart


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Your new selenite crystal will help to set you up so you're living your best life. Not only will its crystal beauty liven up your space, but it will also enhance your life spiritually in ways you may have never thought of before…

Recently selenite has been popularized because of its believed metaphysical and spiritual benefits. Selenite is thought to be able to assist in “charging” up other crystals, imbuing them with the special energy that they need to get their job done.

While they have a well-respected reputation of enhancing the spiritual properties of other gemstones, selenite crystals can stand alone for their particular properties as well. These believed properties include (but are not limited to):

The promotion of peace/calm.

Elevating your spirit.

Enhancing your power of manifestation.

Clearing up blocked energy.

Providing clarity of thought.

Selenite derives its name from “Selene”, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Your new selenite heart crystal will consist of a hand carved and polished piece of selenite in the shape of a 1-2 inch heart.

We infused your selenite heart with our own positive spiritual energy for a more effective and whole crystal charging piece. This will promote the effectiveness of your crystal.

This makes the Element of Zen selenite heart crystal the perfect gift for someone seeking peace. Someone who can find some freedom from stress, anxiety and irritation. It's the perfect gift for somebody who could use an element of zen in their life.

Our quality selenite heart is so high energy that you could feel the serenity simply from holding it in the palm of your hands (we handmake them personally to be conveniently handheld).

Though, it's suitable for much more than sitting in your hand. Rest it on your bedside, your coffee table, on your desk, in your studio, at work, at your business, in your garden

  • 💎 Style – Your selenite heart crystal will consist of a hand-carved crystal selenite in the shape of a heart at about 1-2 inches in size. Perfect for decor, metaphysical purposes, etc.
  • 💍 Metaphysical Properties – Selenite is thought to promote peace, serenity, and calm while providing clarity of thought and effective thinking in life.
  • 🔮 Occasion – Make somebody's day when you gift them this selenite heart crystal. This is a gift that your special someone will never forget in their life, wherever they choose to put it.
  • 🔹 With Love – This is a small business work of quality art, right out of an American lapidary studio. It's been made with love by Californian craftsmen.
  • ✔️Bold – Display this crystal specimen proudly knowing that you're with genuine gemstone beauty. You'll be rocking a unique crystal piece that will liven up your whole space.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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