Element of Zen Orgone Pyramid | Orgonite Crystal Meditation Pyramid



Your new orgone pyramid consists of orgonite, a special combination of crystals resin and metal that handles the energy known as orgone. Your pyramid filters out negative energy and converts it into a higher frequency, more positive energy.  This will promote spiritual health so that you can have an enhanced, more fulfilling life.

We infused your orgone pyramid with our own positive spiritual energy for a more effective and whole energy converter. This will promote the alignment of your chakras, which in turn can lead to more confidence, a higher degree of serenity, and overall an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

This makes the Element of Zen orgone pyramid the perfect gift for someone seeking peace. Someone who can find some freedom from stress, anxiety and irritation. It's the perfect gift for somebody who could use an element of zen in their life.

Our quality orgone pyramid is so high energy that you could feel the serenity simply from holding it in the palm of your hands (we handmake them personally to be conveniently handheld).

Though, it's suitable for much more than sitting in your hand. Rest it on your bedside, your coffee table, on your desk, in your studio, at work, at your business, in your garden – this beautiful work of crystal art looks pretty anywhere.

Your orgonite pyramid measures just about 3 inches on each side of its base and about 2.5 inches tall (though not all pyramids will consistently fit these exact dimensions. It consists of a specific blend of chipped gemstone pieces to form the optimal crystal energy experience:



Lapis lazuli

Green aventurine

Yellow jade


Red jasper

And a copper wire (for enhanced energy generation and protection)

Fall in love with a new crystal friend when you choose Element of Zen today.

  • BEAUTY – This is a work of handmade gemstone beauty, set it on your coffee table and get compliments
  • RELIEF – Orgone pyramids are thought to relieve stress and irritation for their users
  • REST – Those with orgone pyramids by their bedside report more restful nights.
  • ZEN – Orgone pyramids bring their users a feeling of peace and serenity. Make your space zen.
  • MEDITATION – Your orgone pyramid will assist in your meditation, enhancing the experience overall.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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