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Show off with some genuine, real garnet gemstone necklace beauty.

Want an all natural, handmade gemstone pendant handcrafted by artisan hands? Then get yourself this bold garnet cabochon gemstone necklace statement piece.

Most other online gemstone pendants are low-quality, mass-manufactured pieces of plastic that don't actually contain any genuine gemstone or metal material. Unlike the rest of the crowd, this Element of Zen garnet pendant is made of genuine polished garnet stone set in a genuine, oval-shape 925-stamped 4-prong sterling silver setting of 10x8mm.

Garnet is the January birthstone, so it will hold a special significance for January-born friends and family.

Open up your new beautiful garnet pendant and wear something different for a change. Wear something of high quality and of high value. Wear something with real gemstone in it. Wear something made of genuine garnet crystal and not plastic or glass. Wear something made by a professional gem-cutting artisan in the United States, not something in a factory 6,000 miles away.

If your Element of Zen garnet necklace isn't up to your standards, we'll refund your purchase no issue. We look forward to working with you.

  • 💎 Style- Your new gemstone necklace will consist of a dainty-sized 10x8mm garnet crystal cabochon set in a 10x8mm delicately sized 925 sterling silver pendant setting,
  • 💍 Metaphysical Properties – Garnet is the beloved January birthstone – a great January gift! It's also thought to cleanse and re-energize your chakras, revitalizing and balancing your energies.
  • 🔮 Occasion- Make somebody's day when you gift them this beautiful, deep red garnet birthstone necklace. It's the perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and more…
  • 🔹 Handmade- This is a handmade work of art, worked on in an American lapidary studio. It was made of love and charged with our own holistic energy healers for your experience.
  • ✔️ Bold- Wear this tiny, delicate statement piece loud and proud knowing that you're with genuine gemstone beauty from an authentic American artisan.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Chain type

No chain, 14 inch chain, 16 inch chain, 18 inch chain, 20 inch chain, 24 inch chain

4 reviews for Red Garnet Necklace | January Birthstone Necklaces | Silver Garnet Necklace

  1. amybaughn331

    I love the color its very pretty & it arrive early

  2. laughnote

    The garnet pendant was luminescent and beautifully set. Plus, the seller sent a personal note with a bonus small crystal. So happy! I will definitely purchase from him again.

  3. Inactive

    The garnet gemstone I received is so beautiful! Nicholas even sent an additional amethyst crysal pendant! Thank you so much, Nicholas for the beautiful pendants!!

  4. P

    Updated…04-04-2021- Got another shipment. This time is exactly what I expected of a Hessonite stone, it is a very nice stone. Not sure why the mixed up the first time., the first stone is not Hessonite. My advice is to always communicate and address any concerns with seller. Thumbs up for the seller to revolve issues.
    ******OLD REVIEW – Waited 2 weeks . Once opened, it had cotton lint over it and was sticky. So I washed it and wiped it and still sticky. repeat wash / wipe with mild dish detergent still sticky. If only I could post a clip of how it sticks to my finger and I can flip it upside down without it falling off. After about an hour of repeat wash, it gets better but you can still see a film of glue on back. I realize the color is purple not red orange nor yellowish when held to the bright daylight.

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