Dainty Green Malachite Necklace


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Show off with some genuine, real malachite gemstone necklace beauty.

Looking for an all natural, handmade gemstone pendant handcrafted by artisan hands? Then get yourself this bold, natural malachite cabochon gemstone necklace.

Most other online gemstone pendants are low-quality, mass-manufactured pieces of plastic that don't actually contain any genuine gemstone or metal material. Unlike the rest of the crowd, this Element of Zen malachite pendant is made of genuine polished malachite gemstone set in a genuine, 925-stamped 4-prong sterling silver setting of 10x8mm. This is a tiny, delicate size for those with a dainty taste in jewelry.

Malachite is an alternative May birthstone, so it will hold a special significance for May-born friends and family.

Open up your new beautiful malachite pendant and wear something different for a change. Wear something of high quality and of high value. Wear something with real gemstone in it. Wear something made of genuine malachite crystal and not plastic or glass. Wear something made by a professional gem-cutting artisan in the United States, not something in a factory 6,000 miles away.

This malachite charm is a smaller, dainty 10x8mm, perfect for those going for a smaller, more delicate look.

Keep in mind that each malachite necklace is unique and made to order just for you, so it will have its own unique charm and personality and will not look exactly like the malachite pictured (although the malachite pictured is a good representation of the necklace).


  • 💎 STYLE – The necklace will consist of a daintily sized 10x8mm malachite cabochon in a 925-stamped silver setting
  • 💍 METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES – Malachite is believed to ward of evil and to protect from danger
  • 🔮 OCCASION – Make somebody's day when you gift them this malachite gemstone pendant
  • 🔹 HANDMADE – This is a handmade work of quality art, made in an American design studio.
  • ✔️ BOLD – Wear this statement piece proud knowing that you're with genuine gemstone beauty.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Chain type

No chain, 14 inch chain, 16 inch chain, 18 inch chain, 20 inch chain, 24 inch chain


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